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Dental Implants Before and After

Jennifer M. Pan DMD January 25, 2023

Are you curious to see before and after results of dental implant treatments? As one of Wilmington’s few prosthodontists, Dr. Pan is pleased to share photos from her own patients that showcase these amazing transformations.

We will provide an in-depth look into some of the most common scenarios and potential treatment options. This allows you to visualize how they could prove helpful for your distinctive situation.

Dental Implants are One of the Best Ways to Replace Missing Teeth

If you want to restore your lost teeth, dental implants are an excellent solution. Dental implants offer a secure and durable option for replacing missing teeth that look and function just like natural teeth. They provide stability, prevent bone loss in the jawbone area, and maintain facial aesthetics without impacting surrounding healthy tissue or adjacent teeth.

Numerous factors can result in tooth loss, such as fractures, decay or aging dental work, and gum disease. Some individuals are born without their adult teeth as well. Fortunately, dental implants provide a solution for all these cases by replicating both the shape and function of natural teeth.

When we talk about dental implants, it’s important to understand that the implant itself is only a part of the entire unit. This implant is inserted into your jawbone and acts as a root base for an abutment which connects to a crown or denture prosthesis (the visible portion). All these components together form what can be referred to as one single “dental implant”.

Dental Implants Can Be Placed As a Single or Multiple Unit

If you are looking to replace one tooth or all of your teeth, dental implants can offer a viable solution. They may be used individually or alongside other implants and can help provide better stability for dentures. You might be familiar with similar names for this procedure such as All on 4, hybrid implants, or teeth in a day.

Explore Dental Implant Before and Afters

Dr. Pan is dedicated to providing comprehensive personalized, evidence-based treatment plans for each patient based on their individual needs, resulting in the diverse range of smiles you will find below.


One Arch Dental Implant Before
One Arch Dental Implant Before


One Arch Dental Implant After
One Arch Dental Implant After


Denture and implants Before
Denture and implants Before


Denture and implants After
Dentures and implants After


Single implant Before
Single implant Before


Single Implant After
Single Implant After

Is Implant Treatment Right for You?

While implant treatment isn’t right for everybody, it’s the perfect option when feasible. To determine if you’re a suitable candidate or what other options are available to you, Dr. Pan will review your x-rays and examine your case closely. 

If implants are a good choice for you she can develop the implant plan and then coordinate all of the pieces. Ultimately, she’ll help assess if implants will be the best option for your situation!

Work with a prosthodontist

For perfect dental health restoration, don’t settle for just any office – find a specialist! Prosthodontists have 3 additional years of specialized training to provide you with the best quality missing tooth replacements. With our thorough knowledge of dentistry and advanced education, we can create natural-looking smiles that are both beautiful and fully functional.

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We believe in providing the highest quality of care for our patients. Dr. Pan is here to help you achieve your dental goals with customized solutions tailored to your unique situation. Contact us today and schedule an appointment.

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